The Light-Life Ring is a quantum technology that combines with sacred geometry. The Rings have been reported to enhance Light holding properties of any object or living tissue withing the radius of the ring.

The Sacred Cubit Plain Jane Light-Life Ring is the perfect gear to start with if you are unfamiliar with the Light-Life Tools. Easy to use and take it wherever you go, it allows you to discover the many uses of our products.

The Plain Jane Ring seems to infuse everything in its range with light energy. Easy to use and wear anywhere, anytime.

All About Human BioField Enhancement

The Acu-Vac Coils and Feedback Loops are based on the same principles as the rings. These pieces are pure functional art. You can use them to pull out diseased energy and they seem to have beneficial effects such as reducing pain, energize, pull of negative energy and many more applications.

“There should be an Acu-Vac Coil in every pocket”

In Romania, we think of the coils as the misterious bracelets of the mighty Dacians, that once inhabited our land.

Our earrings have been reported to reduce head pressure and promote balance. Some client even reported a hightened state of mental focus, alleviate headaches and becoming more calmer.

The earrings come in two option – 1 sacred cubit & 1 lost cubit rings as earpieces or 2 rings with the same cubit lenghts sacred/lost

Harmonizers have been invented in 1994 for environmental purposes. Later, inventor and his research associated concluded that they proved beneficial for personal harmony and health. These are functional units, that promote, as the name suggest, harmonious energies in the environment.

Throught the years many reports have suggested that the life of the users have improved in their home, farms and businesses after activating the harmonizer. This is an active tools that continually sets the energies in motion.

The toroidal shape energy of the Harmonizer is a coherent light field that can go far away, depending on its size.

Harmonizers have different radiuses ranging from 3m to 1km and beyond when activated with the soundtrack provided with the purchase. Playing the audio frequencies will help harmonizers extend their range . They come with an energy ring to limit its range. They also seem to divert tornadoes, restore the balance in nature, clear the air-water-soil and mitigate the negative effects of EM and geopathic radiation.

Why the ancient egiptian were obsessed with Copper and what are the Cubits? Explained.

Increase the Life Force Energy with the new Acu-Vac Coils and Feedback Loops from our shop. For business inquiries, contact us.

Sacred Papa Catalin Tomescu

The Light-Life Harmonizer created a coherent light field energy. It’s an active tool constantly setting the energy in motion in its range. Recognized for aiding Healing Arts, Environmental Pollution and Domestic Radiation.

Holistic Education, Soul-Spa Retreats and Bio-Energy Workshops

Sacred Gear and Resources for Conscious Expansion available at our store

DNA Activation Sessions


“An exquisite event that I hope to repeat very soon. We need this kind of event to learn and heal ourselves. Wishing you all the best Catalin and as many events as possible. Hope that many people will know the benefits of your tools. I’ve tested them… I invite all of you to do it also. Success!”

L.M., participant at the Self-Treatment with the Sacred Tools Workshop

“I’ll tell you of my rezults after working with Catalin: simplicity, everything has become perceived more easy, new people have come into my life with the same perceptions and joy of life, I enjoy the flow of financial prosperity and I’m doing better and better with money. Long story short, my life is more beautiful and I’m enjoying it. Thank you, Catalin!”

L.C., Health Client


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