Why the ancient egiptian were obsessed with Copper and what are the Cubits? Explained.

All About Human BioField Enhancement

Increase the Life Force Energy with the new Acu-Vac Coils and Feedback Loops from our shop. For business inquiries, contact us.

Sacred Papa Catalin Tomescu

The Light-Life Harmonizer created a coherent light field energy. It’s an active tool constantly setting the energy in motion in its range. Recognized for aiding Healing Arts, Environmental Pollution and Domestic Radiation.

Holistic Education, Soul-Spa Retreats and Bio-Energy Workshops

Sacred Gear and Resources for Conscious Expansion available at our store

DNA Activation Sessions


“An exquisite event that I hope to repeat very soon. We need this kind of event to learn and heal ourselves. Wishing you all the best Catalin and as many events as possible. Hope that many people will know the benefits of your tools. I’ve tested them… I invite all of you to do it also. Success!”

L.M., participant at the Self-Treatment with the Sacred Tools Workshop

“I’ll tell you of my rezults after working with Catalin: simplicity, everything has become perceived more easy, new people have come into my life with the same perceptions and joy of life, I enjoy the flow of financial prosperity and I’m doing better and better with money. Long story short, my life is more beautiful and I’m enjoying it. Thank you, Catalin!”

L.C., Health Client


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