” I believe the Harmonizer technology can re-harmonize human nature.” – Slim Spurling

The Harmonizers are “active” tools, continually putting subtle energies in motion in the light energy field around it. They are made of a combination of rings and a coil that emit a dynamic flow of energy.

The harmonizer technology can be used in your home, office or farm for its beneficial applications. It was been reported to reduce EMF intereferences in its range, help clean the air-soil-water pollution without chemicals and improve the environment bringing more peace to it.

Field reports have stated that having a Harmonizer in your space (or wear it as a pendant) can increase the sense of harmony and can help when dealing with hardship. They can be used for intentional manifestations plus, all harmonizers (except personal) come with a ring to energize it (or contain its range) and an Environmental Clearing CD to increase their range.

A Personal Harmonizer, which can be used as a pendant, may be used to keep your personal field (aura) healthy, strong and peaceful. A more larger Harmonizer, such as the Environmental, the Agricultural and the Stormchaser may be used for wider application such as uplifting awareness, pest control, reducing bad weather, restore the natural harmony of the environment. The harmonizer’s tensor field range can cover anywhere from 2-3 meters (personal use) to a few kilometers when activating the larger ones with specific sound frequencies.

We recomment using your INTUITION when working with a Harmonizer.

Examples of uses:
* Wearing a Personal Harmonizer will add a powerful protection to your aura and postively affect anyone coming into contact with you
* Placing a harmonizer in your home or office can encourage growth, peace, clarity and EMF protection
* You can “send” an intent to your harmonizer to have a positive output
* Place positive intentions in the harmonizer to let it harmoniously work for you
* You can use the Agricultural Harmonizer to increase plant growth
* Recharge the Harmonizers by placing them inside the included rings for a few hours or overnight (not available for the personal

Gold Plated Harmonizers: These are available with 8 layers of alternate Silver & Gold 24K plating. These have been shown to effect pollution, storms, soil & water better.

Silver Harmonizers: These come with a 9 layer of alternate Silver-Gold plating. These have been used more for EMF protection, Geopathic stress and radiation protection.

Light-Life® Harmonizers

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