Sacred Cubit or the Lost Cubit

We offer Quantum Technology Solutions to support your multidimensional expansion. The ancient measurements known as cubits are used in the construction of our tools, upon which many sacred sites was built, such as the Great Pyramid. The frequency of the tools carry specific wave-lenghts that emits Light. Find our more here

The Ring Technology

Tools with Sacred Properties? Healing Gadgets? Here is an example of such Functional Art that goes beyond display and acts on purpose

Slim Spurling’s technology may be used to support the environmental clearing when it comes to clean air-water-soil pollution, energize water & food, enhance the quality of agriculture and support alternative therapies extended to self-care. The Sacred Tools listed on SACRED PAPA Store are the result of the evolving trial & error process and extensive research in the subtle field domain since 1991.

Why the Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with Copper?

Copper is considered to be a superconductor of spiritual energy, heat and electricity. Copper can be used not only in healing works but its uses also suggests that it can amplify the psychic phenomena through aligning the subtle bodies, enhancing the positive energy flow, restore mental clarity and for telepathic communication. One of most remarcable implications is in geobiology where using the copper we are able to detect and block negative energy grids with a couple of rods or pendulum.

Sacred Tools used for powerful healing properties and chanelling Divine energies

Research shows that the ancient egyptians preserved their sacred measurements in… their own pyramids. It is not a coincidence they are one of the most longevive structures on the earth due to their knowledge in astrology, energy works, leylines, copper and much more.

The measurements used in the construction of our tools can be named as neters. Neters are “codes” for the frequency wavelenghts that Source uses to manifest here in the 3D realm. These frequencies embody qualities of Source and when we think of it this way, it becomes clearer of the benefits for unlimited applications.

The principles of male-female energy polarity are contained within the structure of the rings. The male principle is encoded in the neters as the Quality of Source/God. The female principle as the Great Void is formed when the opening of the two ends join. When the male and female principle polarities unite is analogue to the Spirit speaking to the Great Void, it gave rise to The Word which are frequencies of sound. “When The Word was spoken and the sound frequencies began to vibrate, Light was created.”

Since much of the ancient information has been lost or hidden 3 lengths have been utilized in the creation of this technology: Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit and New Dimension Cubit.

How does it work?

One of key principles that represents the foundation of developing our Sacred Tools is based on the inventors quantum physics research which found that subtle energy fields can result when two ends of a wire joins. This fact was covered by John Archibald Wheeler in his work “Geometrodynamics” (1957).

More about the Tensor Field

All Sacred Rings have a tensor field inside them, a minimal surface kind of subtle field. It has been said that in the center of the rings time is 0. The term “tensor field” reminds us of quantum physics so we can apply quantum effects in our everyday life.

When we’re talking about a tensor field, we can imagine a soap-water surface on the inside of a ring before someone blow the air inside. Every kid on this planed has played with a tensor field such as this. So, the water won’t stick but it has a low surface tension that that’s why it will still be flexibile when we blow the air off inside the soap-water ring. The Tensor field is the energetic field that sustain physical matter on a layer of pure energy that is created by the Sacred Ring. Anytime you want to see your kid playing with a tensor field, dip o loop of wire into water-soap solution.


How the Sacred Tools function just like Light Enhancers

The Sacred Tools generates harmonic frequencies on the interior of the suble field generated by them as a result of the precise fabrication as well as the unicity of a special embodied healing frequency. Research suggested that the generated Light inside the rings extends the orbital radius of each electron. This effect will allow anything placed inside the ring to sustain more frequency and more Light. The positive impact of these tools act to eliminate and transmute anything out “off the light” from the interior of its ray. Thinking about these facts becomes more EASY to understand why the Sacred Tools could have such positive healing properties.

How can I use the Sacred Tools ?

Slim Spurling’s sacred tools can be used in many various applications (and not limited to) such as: healing sessions, energize food & water, electronic appliances in your home, agricultural purposes and for plant growth. Testimonials show that it also helps with reducing swelling, aid injuries, harmonize your suble being clearing stress, ease up travel fatigue, strenghten the tissues, enhances the water & food taste, accelerates the body’s self-healing processes, helps plants to grow and many many more. There is no limit in using these sacred tools!

You can also use the sacred tools for grounding and conscious attention, sleeping better, relief from pain, clear diseased energy in homes and offices, absorb and transform the energy vibration from anything, purify and energizre objects food, EMF protection, Geopathic Stress and Hartmann grid reduction, etc.

Slim Spurling's interview with Alan Steinfeld

The technology of the Rings

Research has shown that the moment the ends of twisted wire are joined as a circle, the frequency of the inside energy field begins to vibrate at either 144 or 177 mhz, depeding on which Cubit is used. As a result, the Rings will create a tensor field and the frequencies generated in the middle of the ring will begin to form a column of Light that extends outward within the circumference of the wire, infintely in both directions. This beam contain and transport higher light frequencies over the distance.

Cubit Measurements

The Cubit measurements has been discovered in the Great Pyramid. In ancient Egypt workers were using the cubit as the standard unit of linear measurement. As a proces of uniformization the lenghts, the workers were supplied with wood or granite cubit sticks. The royal architect responsible for the construction project was ensuring that every cubit stick was subsequently measured and calibrated. The standardization of the cubit measurement involved creating a master measuring instrument made of granite that had 28 subdivisions of the cubit lenght. By using this ancient system, they’ve achieved an outwordly accuracy in building the pyramids of only 0,05% deviation.

The Cubit measurements relate to the natural phenomenon. Research has shown that calculation of the cubits involve the structure of earth, speed of light and atomic distances.

Sacred Cubit – 144mhz frequency vibration which is harmonic of the speed of light in free space is associated with the physical structure

The Sacred Cubit measurement was first used on the early experiments with the ring technology. Slim Spurling used this measurement for the first rings and discovered that was used inside the King’s Chamber and throught the pyramid at Giza. The Sacred Cubit was found above the King’s Chamber was entrance carved in stone and the measurements there suggest a frequency similar to two of our rings: 1 Sacred Cubit and 3 1/2 Sacred Cubit Rings. 1 Sacred Cubit equals 20.6 inches and aprox. 52.3 cm.

Lost Cubit – 177mhz is associated with the emotional healing

The Lost Cubit measurement is derived from the polar circumference of earth the equatorial circumference of earth and divided that into the speed of light. The later lenght is about 25.3 inches and it is larger than the Sacred Cubit, just like the atmosphere of the earth in relation to the diameter of the earth.

It fuels intention. This measurement has been reported that when you have a strong desire and feel it in your body you can use a Lost Cubit rings to bring your manifestation into place. It is said that the empty space inside the Lost Cubit Ring or the tensor field functions like a lens which allows to view information that is stored in the Akashic Records.

New Cubit

The New Cubit Rings or “the Empowerment Cubit” Ring support healing processes, mental clarity and activity. This measurement surfaced in 2011 when first prototypes were made and sent to a research group. The Empowerment Cubit seems to be the final link in the trinity of cubit measurements. Slim received these in 2006 but at that time did not had the manufacture capacity to make the rings.

That is why if you put a Ring over someone, around or aim at anything within that field will be uplifted by energy of the tensor field.

More intriguing is that the energy of the Rings will enhance the ability of water to hold more light. This is done through enlarging the radius between the electron and nucleus, an effect resulted from the sacred Rings.

More on the conducted scientific research

  • Neter lenghts are used into one of our Sacred Tools – They’ve been preserved into the structure of the Great Pyramid and can be extracted through earth proportions so these sacred measurements hold frequencies that are associated with different qualities of Spirit.
  • the Lost Cubit lenght was discovered by Hans Becker with Slim Surling, as the harmonic lenght between the Sacred Cubit and the Royal Cubit.
  • Gravitational Waves: Harmut Muller through advanced mathematics, he was able to to describe the full spectrum of gravity wave frequencies. This led to the amazing discovery that the Sacred Cubit wavelenght appears to be connected to the constructive phase of solid matter.
  • Vibrating at 177 mhz is faster than the speed of light
  • The empty space inside the rings is 0 point field.

We’d like to know your favorite sacred tools and how you use them to improve your daily life. Whether it’s your health and wellbeing, your food or your environment let us know and join us on social media for more educational highlights about the Sacred Tools. Sacred Papa is an official distributor for Slim Spurling’s tools.

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