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Learn how to harness higher frequencies into… every object or being for enhancing wellness, super-potentize water and accelerate self-healing processes. Discover the ancient technology used in a modern way ->


These tools should be in every home’s first aid kit.

Slim Spurling’s Light-Life® technology generates fields of energy with many applications and uses for wellbeing. For more than 20 years, this technology has developed through studies and astounding experiments that shown amazing results in applications to water & food purification, pain & stress management, weather & pest control and much much more.

Experiments with research associates conclude that working with the sacred tools produce subtle effects such as accelerated recovery after an accident or illness, improved energy levels, promote peace and understanding, plant growth, EMF protection and accelerated intentional manifestations.

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Acu-Vac Coils

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Energetic blockages have been keeping humankind behind the “frequency fence” for thousands of years as these dense, artificial projections are not ment to feed the Soul evolution here on Earth. Our strategy is to go at the quantum level and clear the energetic source of what most people call “karma” on all levels of multidimensional awareness of a person. Unleashing the power of quantum physics, advanced sacred geometry, the language of our Higher Self and energy directing techniques, the sessions offered transmute the lower vibrating energies in relation to one’s experience. Clearing is done via the Intelligent Space and create the reality of discontinuing what is not in line with your highest good. This will allow you to embody more frequency and thus fulfill your Soul’s Mission here in this lifetime. The vast applications of the DNA activation session are quite remarcable that is why I welcome you to contact me via email or phone for more informations.

Advanced Energy Clearing Sessions

Are you looking to become your Higher Self and serve your Soul’s mission? Once you permanently clear and activate your dormant DNA template at the quantum level, you will be able to embody more life force, embody your Soul identity and have no resistance from moving forward in life.  The most potent DNA activations from the planet are available here and ready to assist your multidimensional growth.

Light-Life Tools official distributor

Looking to amplify life force energy? Light-Life Tools should be in every home’s first aid kit. Simple to use yet very potent, these tools have so many uses! Can you imagine potentizing water and food, releasing energy blocks, pain reduction, EMF protection and geopatric stress clearing with one single tool?


Man-made and natural radiation levels are on the rise causing severe health symptoms, specially when radiation levels are found in your home, especially your bedroom. We provide exclusive and patented solutions for our health clients to restore restful sleep and clear negative EM fields.

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