Using Quantum Technology to become EMF Radiation FREE

Everything in the Universe is made of Sound and Light. We know that the harmony of this interwining primordial language can activate and transform our DNA. Since we are electromagnetic beings, our cells have the ability to LISTEN AND BECOME INSTRUCTED by vibrations of our own human experiences, such as personal thoughts and feelings but also frequencies beyond the Earth’s frequency spectre. Our brains are very sensitive to such radiations.

Schumann Resonance is a native EMF consisting of naturally occuring extremely low frequency (ELF) waves peaking in the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Our planet pulses a measurable FREQUENCY inside the Ionosphere which is around 7.83 Hz. Our brains emits this which is an ELECTRICAL impulse with this IDENTICAL frequency so they behave as “scalar wave” generators of the nature that is attuned in RESONANCE with the Earth frequency.

Research suggested that the Schumann resonance is linked to human physical health.

In reality, due to electrification of the Earth we have introduced man-made EMF, such artificial EMF generators (microwave, 4G-5G, WiFi, radio antenna, etc.) that provides ALIEN frequencies to INTERACT with our DNA of our body’s biology. This also affect our ability to ABSORB MORE LIGHT. The DNA is coded for HEALTH but the non-native frequencies creates stress response in the MITOCHONDRIAS, the power plants of our CELLS. While our sensitive brains absorb disrupting EMF signals this affects the natural coding of the body’s genetics to translate LIGHT into MATTER. This can lead to production of free-radicals, low oxygen, inflammation and others causing the body to collapse FASTER.

On other hand, there seems to be alot more artificial radiation embedded in nowadays technology that several researchers have stated that living near such frequencies can be cancer causing. A few basic examples are: power lines, electricity cables that leaks “dirty” energy, cell phones, micro-waves, WI-FI, 4G, 5G, radar and cell phone tower radiation that operates in higher frequency bands above the human natural radiation. These EMF frequencies are non-native to humans.

Due to having our kids and ourselves exposed for longer periods of time (even in our sleep) these frequencies are being absorbed by our brains and affects how our body scraps of diseased or old cells and use them for ENERGY or to make “NEW” cell parts for HEALTH. Children are far more exposed than adults do, their bone marrow absorb 10x more radiation while these “non-native” EMF alter their non-myelinated brain circuitry. Here, the myelin acts as a protection for the grey matter inside the child’s brain due to the negative effects of electromagnetic field pollution. It’s no wonder that neurological disease among children are so common right now on the planet. Probably these are few of the reasons why countries like France have (and THEY SHOULD HAVE) urged to turn OFF WI-FI from elementary schools and municipal buildings. A brain of a child can absorb several times more radiation than an adult in the same amount of time.

Can you believe that? Based on their research, health authorities in France are saying no to Wi-Fi and cell-phones.  source

Cell phones and Wireless device has signaled a multitude of adverse biological effects: reproductive dysfunction, immune dysfunction, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, brain tumors, etc. As stated by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recommends to “take all take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours”. (source)

So, the risks of exposing ourselves to EMF are signalling stress, man made diseases and accelerated agging as a result of cells not being able to follow their original CODING FOR HEALTH. The critical modulator for AGING is the AMPK signaling pathway that coordinates cell growth and metabolism processes.

Living (and sleeping) in these frequencies can result in a depletion of our own resources to maintain the health of our bodies and our own electromagnetic field. Most modern technology manuals state for their mobile devices state that the user should be away AT LEAST 1cm away from the body (not bodyworn). And for bigger devices (such as Xbox 360 and wireless printers) their antenna should be at least 20cm away from a persons body. However, these conditions do not guarantee you the longterm safety of your health while exposing yourself to the devices.

“To comply with FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, this grant is applicable to only Mobile Configurations. The antennas used for this transmitter must be installed to provide a separation distance of at least 20 cm from all persons and must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.” extracted from TP LINK WIRELESS router manual

These distances from the FCC limits applies to a 100kg man which do not comply to the reality of using these devices near a child.

” – Yes, but isn’t our bodies adapt to this environment? ” Depends on what you want to achieve: either physical longevity or wireless devices. Your body will degrade faster if it’s adapted to the WRONG environment.

One CRUCIAL thing that regulates the daytime/nighttime cycle is the CIRCADIAN BIOLOGY located in the HYPOTHALAMUS coded via our body’s hormones and neurotransmitters. When we choose to use the mobile devices at night, they emit this poisonous blue light that affects our retina and the CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS. This way, our physiology modifies because the body recognises the daytime in the night time because of this blue light. All nowadays displays comes with blue light panel that reduces the production of MELATONIN in the pineal gland and increases the CORTISOL, the stress hormone. So using the blue light screens at night can disrupt the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM of your body.

The conclusion is that the cells that are out of our synch with the environment rhythms do not grow as well as the ones that are in synch. 

Key to our longterm health is to SLEEP. Specially between 12am-3am when the GROWTH HORMONE and LEPTIN releases into the system.

High levels of EMF radiation signals a disconnection response between the MAN and NATURE.

It’s not just Humans

Among humans, bees also have been found not to return to hive if there is EMF pollution. Research also shows the the growth and development of plants are affected by electromagnetic radiation.

What can we do?

Obviously, the best thing we can do is to limit our exposure and encourage using the technology that emits less radiation.

We bring you the technology that can lower the negative effects of EMF and much much more.

Sacred Papa store brings the Slim Spurling’s Harmonizers as the flagship for EMF Clearing. There should be a Harmonizer in every home where there are signs of electromagnetic pollution. Since we live in the electrical devices world, acquiring a Harmonizer for your home or personal use is the best to start with.

We had ours Sacred Cubit Environmental Harmonizer Silver Plated installed in our office and it effectively bended on its own in less than 5 months! Silver plating is best for radiation protection and detoxifying properties.

The way it works is that it’s constantly clearing any negative signals and sends back any frequencies in its range. You can shut down their range by placing a ring around them.

The Silver plated harmonizers, personal or environmental, are the best options for EMF clearing. If you would like to protect yourself from the radiation of a mobile phone, laptop or router you can place them in a 3.5 Sacred Cubit Light Ring. The Rings emit Light from the inside. What’s common about the Harmonizers and the Rings is that both are tensor field tools. Being made on ancient measurements, research associates of the inventor have stated that there is an expansion of the electron radius from each atom so they are able to produce a photon imediately. That is why not only water can be enhanced with this technology but also food, objects and living beings.

Slim Spurling believed the ancient measurements embedded in these tools had to do with the secrets of longevity.

Slim Spurling’s Harmonizer device is a patented technology that combines sacred geometry and quantum physics. It’s main components, the set of rings and the coil, are used to create a toroidal sphere that moves the energy in the Harmonizer’s range. For over 20 years it has been proved by users all around the world in the healing arts and pollution control. Each one comes is coated 8 or 9 times alternate with Gold 24K and Silver which improves its power. The Harmonizer length is originally based on the ancient measurements called cubits.

You can contact us at 0040 721578144 and by email at for more informations about the Harmonizers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, we would be happy to help you find what it’s best for you. We also recommend using your intuition for choosing your tools. Or you can place an order in the Store page.

Here at Sacred Papa, we are not only an online store, we provide complete solutions that works in the benefit of protecting you in harmony with your wellbeing.

Depending on your situation, an analysis of your establishment (home, office and farm) would be required. Doing a complete set for  for your favorie place you would require to:

  • lower Low Frequency and High Frequency Radiation exposure
  • mitigate geopathic stress lines, hartmann grid lines, etc.
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