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The Light Life Harmonizer – Sacred Papa Store


Slim Spurling’s Harmonizer is based on the unique combination of the principles of the Rings and the Acu-Vac Coil. Due to the sacred measurements embedded in their crafting they are emitting a cosmic light field and have a positive output.

The Harmonizer Technology easily integrates into your home, office, community or farm. They are currently used for personal, healing arts, pollution control, environmental improvement and farming applications.

The Harmonizers are ACTIVE tools with a large light field around them in which subtle energies are constantly in motion in the light energy field around them. To the clairvoyant, it appears to emit a coherent holographic light field, a dynamic flow of energy in a toroidal form. As the name suggests the units might have a calming effect.

They can be used in a passive and active mode so you can easily integrate them in your daily life! You may use them for holistic therapy, food and water improvement, EMF and psychic protection, space clearing, farming and much more. As the name suggests the units harmonize in their range not only the environment but also all living things.

The Harmonizer comes with a sacred cubit ring with one bead of the same precious metal plating. This to charge the harmonizer at least once a week by putting a ring around it and contain the energy in a cylindrical column. So you have an upward path light energy coming from the ring.


All Harmonizers are available with Sacred Cubit (20.6 inches) and Lost Cubit (23.49 inches). The cubits lenghts may affect the direction of energy in the harmonizer’s energy field. sacred cubit units is more vertical creating an effect to the air and the lost cubit is more horizontal so it’s clearing the water-air-soil.


The Harmonizer ranges are aproximations and can vary

Harmonizer Activated Activated w/CD Plating
Environmental Harmonizer Sacred Cubit 30 meters 24 km 24K Gold / Silver
Environmental Harmonizer Lost Cubit 45 meters 40 km 24K Gold / Silver
Agricultural Harmonizer Sacred Cubit 1.6 km 104 km 24K Gold / Silver
Agricultural Harmonizer Lost Cubit 2.4 km 136 km 24K Gold / Silver
Storm Chaser Harmonizer under research  under research 24K Gold
Matrix 44 Harmonizer  under research  under research  24K Gold
Matrix 22 Harmonizer  under research  under research  24K Gold
Wash Tub Harmonizer  under research  under research  24K Gold

The Sacred Measurements embedded in the metals

In the center of each ring appears to be a tensor field that propagates outwards over a distance resonating at 144 or 177 megahertz. The 144 MHZ measurement is a harmonic of the speed of light and the 177 MHZ is resonating slightly higher depending on the cubit lenght. The tensor field emitted from the rings alone may interacting with standing scalar waves and may be capable of having an effect on living organisms, water molecules, weather and chemicals. One of the known effects of the tensor rings is to infuse anything in its range with Light. Advanced users can benefit from working with the rings alone because of the beneficial quantum effects such as assisting to set an intention in motion, accelerated manifestations, remote healing, etc.

The coil acts as a vacuum cleaner. It is made also with sacred measurements so it sucks the negative energy on one end and blow life force energy on the other while cancelling the negative signal. The coil alone proved to be very beneficial pulling out pain and stress signals in the body in a very short time.

We recomment using your INTUITION when working with a Harmonizer.

Examples of uses:
* Wearing a Personal Harmonizer will add a powerful protection to your aura and postively affect anyone coming into contact with you
* Placing a harmonizer in your home or office can encourage growth, peace, clarity and EMF protection
* You can “send” an intent to your harmonizer to have a positive output
* Place positive intentions in the harmonizer to let it harmoniously work for you
* You can use the Agricultural Harmonizer to increase plant growth
* Recharge the Harmonizer by placing them inside the included ring for a few hours or overnight



”I believe the Harmonizer technology can re-harmonize human nature.” – Slim Spurling 

Accelerated Manifestations

Several field reports mention the presence of the Harmonizer in your space (or wear it as a pendant) can increase the sense of harmony and wellbeing. It can be extremely beneficial for people dealing with hardship, stress and personal blockages.

They can be used for intentional manifestations plus, all harmonizers come with a ring to energize it (or contain its range) and (except personal harmonizer) an Environmental Clearing CD to increase their range.


Artificial Radio Frequencies and Electro-Magnetic Pollution

Past reports conclude that the Harmonizer reduces EMF intereferences in its range, help clean the air-soil-water pollution without chemicals and improve the environment bringing more peace to it.


Purpose of the Harmonizer

A Personal Harmonizer, which can be used as a pendant, may be used to keep your personal field (aura) healthy, strong and peaceful. A more larger Harmonizer, such as the Environmental, the Agricultural and the Stormchaser may be used for wider application such as uplifting awareness, pest control, reducing severe weather patterns and restore the natural harmony of the environment. The harmonizer’s tensor field range can cover anywhere from 2-3 meters (personal use) to a tens of kilometers when activating the larger units with specific sound frequencies.

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