Assisting your Growth with Sacred Tools and Services of the Golden Age is the first company to use scalar wave technology, sacred geometry, quantum physics and EMF protection systems as a wide-range of solutions for the wellbeing of modern man. The project sacredpapa has been founded by Catalin Tomescu to implement STRATEGIES to mitigate the sources of physical, mental, emotional, psychic and energetic pollution and impact positively all around. The instruments and services offered have been tested, experienced and benefited from.


During my practice I’ve seen my patients becoming powerful creators easily letting go of being ashamed for who they truly are, feeling unwhole, disrupt their attachment patterns, and manifest finances and growth opportunities in alignment with their Higher Self.

Due to their own internal conflict they were not feeling successful in their careers and financial status, not fulfilled in their intimate or intimate life nor living a radiating life.

During my time of learning I started practicing bioenergy treatment techniques and other alternative healing modalities. I suddenly sensed a curious need of healing, answers and peace. What started then, has ultimately led me to offering assistance to others and that’s when I launched my first blog on DNA Activation ->

I have dedicated myself to find out what causes unwanted anxiety, sadness, codependency, unconsistency, lack of energy and money, hurt feelings and unacomplished wants.

Through advanced imaging devices we are able to see the energy dynamics and the current health state of any person, oils, water, food and even clothing! So, for a guy like me, checking things at this level are pretty much normal.

Why NOW?

With false projections, agendas and domestic radiation on the rise, the modern man is been given special quantum tools that to assist the DNA. Using the advanced sacred geometry codes and energy directing techniques through the language of our Superconscious mind, the online sessions that are offered here by Catalin are designed to change your energetic state allowing you to embody your Higher Self, creating more alignment in your life and thus experiencing new bright timelines available for you.

Our Mission

In my oppinion, our mission here is our own Self-Actualization. We can do it through upgrading the frequency of our DNA so we are then able to heal and let go of the past on all levels and accreete higher frequency energies in our physical capsules. If we are not doing this, then our light becomes the food for energetic parasites. For example, if two people have an argument it is because of their own energetic projections interfering with each other and probably there is a discordant thought-form or an discarnate that is causing distress.

The real transformation is really clear the old paradigm at the quantum level so you can get into alignment with your true essence, your innate gifts so you become a powerful, responsible, humble co-creator soul.

Whether you are a business owner, a therapist, a leader or a life lover, if you are willing to step up your game, find your soul mission, manifest a new fulfilling relationship, attract more income, be more present or empower yourself, the quantum work through the services and tools that I offer, can help you. You can positively expend for your frequency to grow.

If you’re willing to manifest a new life and taking your intuition into serious, I’ll be glad to assist you.

We chose to be here

The reason most people feel inconsistent with themselves is that they’ve been accepting and indulging falsely induced realities, made up from projected parasitical mentalities. People have been continuosly believed that they are not enought and that something is wrong with them.

Due to our morphogenetic mechanics (the subtle body anatomy outside that englobe our physical structures) energetic blockages have been able to enter the body and create a false sense of a Shadow Body connected to a parallel Earth.

So basically, an anti-particle parallel reality has been created for molecular compaction. If this looks like an agenda to you, well, it’s sistemically designed to steal light and and thus creating the thinking framework for individuals making dis-empowered choices that ultimately affect their soul growth and health.

DNA Activation for Ascension

As I went through the experience of Activating my DNA, I found that ultimately the negative programming has been accepted all along by the majority (including myself). This has been, since the fall of men, the solid foundation of the infamous “fall of men”.

In addition to this, I would say, that due to the projected energetic imprints and artificial seals in the human DNA, many people have been making disempowered choices that ultimately degenerate their suble bodies and thus creating more what is labelled as “bad karma”. This would create struggle mentality and this cycle would go on until the frequency is changed.

If you want to change your life, you need to change your frequency

Elevate your Frequency!

Your Frequency is the rate that your DNA vibrates and oscillates at the quantum level. The DNA is made up of scalar waves that turn on and off and the higher your frequency is the faster you manifest the reality you desire, whether it’s finances, clients, contracts, event, relationships and growth opportunities that you’re looking for. Elevate your frequency!

Sacred Papa Store offers leading energy improvement strategies for people, houses, businesses and communities.

Catalin Tomescu is the founder of Sacred Papa which is a Store for Self-Actualization that delivers advanced bioenergy clearings for your DNA and world’s renowned tools for improving life force and harmony, fast.

Catalin is also the founder of Ascended Consulting, a romanian blog that features distant bioenergy treatments, aura cleansing, hands-on therapy and DNA Activation. For more details, please visit:

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