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Human beings like many other species on the planet get sick when they sit on negative energy lines. These are often reffered to Harmann Grid Lines and Geopathic Stress Lines. These can go long distances and are very common. Sacred Papa offers you tailored services and solutions to mitigate harmful radiation and bring positive life force in your environment.


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress can be caused by Geopathic Lines or Zones which include natural-made lines caused by earthquake faults or underground water veins and man-made like gas pipes, water drainage, etc. These lines can go in all ways as they are random in nature.

Hartman Grid lines is a considered to be a result of the ever growing electrification on the planet. It was discovered by a german medical doctor Ernst Hartmann and named after him. The Hartmann grid is a net-like form flowing from South to North and West to East. This can be present, for example, in neighborhoods where everybody uses electricity and the lines pattern would be as close as every 2 meters. However, some areas as pure such as sacred sites or remote locations have no Hartmann Grid. These lines have a neutral space between them but their intersection is believed to be the most harmful place. The etherical nature of these lines appear to have a zone of influence and can reach heights up to 180m.

By measuring, reducing and eliminating the impact of Geopathic Stress one can have a relief on their symptoms. It can also boost positive energy in your place, reduce negative thought patterns and create a more peaceful environment.

If you want for your body to have the ability to regenerate through sleep and aleviate unexplained phenomenon then you must sleep in a clean environment, on all levels.


Signs of Geopathic Stress?

There are several ways to do identify Geopathic Stress. One is to take a look around to your environment. Are there any cracks in the walls of your home, water plumbing fisures, can you locate sick plants or trees? Twisted trees, moulds, ants, bees, earth cracks are signs that you might have geopathic stress lines in your environment.


How is the Geopathic Stres affects us?

Since our DNA is connected to the Earth and we have the body’s energy flow lines  (Axi-a-tonal lines, chi lines) and chakra system that extend far beyond our physical bodies. When we are sitting or sleeping on these lines our bodies receives a signal which triggers a stress response to the cells.

If you have unexplained health symptoms you can start by reducing harmful exposure to non-human signals such as WIFI, 4G signal, phone, leaking dirty electricity and metal wire mattresses.


SOLUTIONS for Geopathic Stress Lines/Zones and Hartmann Grid Lines

Through the ancient work of dowsing we can detect these negative areas and deflect them safely from your property. This will not only positively enhance the energy in your home but in the immediate surrounding as well.

Investigation studies now prove that our health and wellbeing is significantly improved when we harmonize our environments. Due to our intimate connection between our DNA and earth’s energies, our cells thrive on positive energy locations. Get a healthy home and office by taking geopathic stress measurements and reduction solutions.

You can use ancient technology in the comfort of your home. Our Sacred Cubit Environmental Harmonizer Silver Plating might provide EMF radiation protection and can be great for detoxifying frequencies. It is beautifully crafted with copper and 9 alternately layered with 24K Gold and Silver.

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You can use our 3 1/2 Sacred Cubit Life Light Rings to protect you from harmful radiation when using your computer. You can place it around you food and water too or using it to enhance your meditation practice or sleep in. The Life Light Ring generates a beam of beam of energy at 144mhz which is a harmonic resonance of the speed of Light.

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