Sacred Cubit 1/2 Plain Jane Light-Life® Ring, Copper


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Sacred Cubit 0,5 Plain Jane Light-Life (R) Ring, Copper without balls
Ring diameter approx. 8 cm

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The Light-Life Ring is a quantum technology , a sacred geometry activator that enhances Light Holding properties of any object or living tissue withing the radius of the ring.

The Sacred Cubit Plain Jane Light-Life Ring is the perfect gear to start with if you are unfamiliar with the Light-Life Tools. Easy to use and take it wherever you go, it allows you to discover the many uses of our products.

For example, we always take a Plain Jane ring when we go out or travel to energize drinking water. It tastes better too!

Since it’s hard to describe here the many uses of this gear, we have described the best reported experiences from people around the world working with a Plain-Jane Ring.

This ring is similar in size with a bracelet so by wearing it can increase calm, focus and energy in your work while it will reduce pain, accelerate recovery from bone fracture and alleviate any signs of carpal tunnel.

You can place this Plain Jane Ring over all water sources in your home: water faucets such as kitchen tap, shower, bathroom sink, laundry machine pipe or even over the water pipes coming into your house. This amplifies the life-force energy and potentizes the water. When water passes through the tensor field of the ring or is withing the reach of the ring’s energy field,  the water resulted will be instantly more structured, more positive charged. The water will be cleaner and with more healing properties as it stays longer in the rings field.

For farmers, placing a ring above the water pipes has been reported to improve plant growth and prevent water from freezing in the winter months. Plants, vegetable and fruits love the resulted water!

The Sacred Rings are designed to incorporate them into your daily life.

Place it on your back or sit on it to alleviate discomfort and back pain while driving or travelling. You can use it to reduce pain, swelling and recover from physical injuries.

The ring is made of pure Copper which has anti-microbian properties that has been reported to damage microbe’s DNA.


  • This is a utilitarian copper ring which is best used for field applications, such as agriculture or gardening or for placing on waterlines to generally improve the quality of water for plants or animals or ourselves.
  • The ring may develop a patina, but its function is not affected.
  • Users report an increase of approximately 10-30% in fuel economy when the ring is paced over the gas tank spout when the vehicle is refueled.The ring may help to energize the gas entering the vehicle.
  • Animals prefer Sacred Cubit Ring enhanced water to tap water. Bird baths may need to be refilled 2 – 3 times more often with ring treated water.
  • A Sacred Cubit Ring on the garden hose for lawn and garden applications may reduce watering requirements and increase vigor and yield. It was been reported that aphids disappear from roses overnight when lightly sprayed with a water hose encircled by this ring.
  • Water hardness may improve when either a 1/2 or 1 Sacred Cubit Ring on the main and branch lines for city water and over the well head and lines on well water.
  • Horses that drank this ring treated water in Eagle, Colorado enjoyed a 70% reduction in vet expenses and became calmer and less aggressive.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 8 cm