1/2 Empowerment Cubit Light-Life Ring


Copper 24K Gold plated with 7 balls,
Ring diameter about 10.5 cm


You can use this ring to:

  • Draw in positive life force energy
  • Improve overall health & well-being
  • Potentize water
  • Enhance taste of water and food
  • Energize water and food to keep them fresher longer
  • Make healing sessions more effective
  • Increase mental clarity and work within the spiritual realm
  • Protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging of cells


It is my pleasure to announce the newest Light-Life Ring, which I am calling the Empowerment Ring. This ring is the final link in a trinity, as it is a newly revealed cubit measurement. The measurement was recently given to me by a gentleman who was in communication with Slim before his passing. Slim told him how to make the rings and took his promise not to make them commercially available. When Slim and this gentleman talked in 2006, we did not have the manufacturing capacity to make those rings. We were still manufacturing out of our three-car garage and our space was limited. This gentleman kept his promise and conveyed the information to me in 2011. We then made some prototypes and sent them to our research group for evaluation. The results were encouraging to go into production with this new measurement.
-Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 11 cm


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