Super-Potentized Water Set

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This set contains 3 pieces: 1 Sacred Cubit 24K Gold Plated Ring, 1 Sacred Cubit Acu-Vac Coil and 1 Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop Coil


The tools have so many uses and making super energized water is just one of them. What the ring does is that it amplifies life force energy and giving positive charge to the water. This allows the water crystals to be formed and photographed. In combination with the 2 coils, the water improvement rate will accelerate so you will get a living, crystal clear and healing water from this setting.

It changes subtly the taste of water, homemade juices, wines, coffee, beer and others! After the treatment, the taste will be less acidic for wines, coffee, beer, etc. and with a richer taste.

This set will allow you to do MUCH MUCH MORE than just improve your water. You can use the tools separately to energize your body and organs, reduce pains and amplify the life force energy in an environment or in your field.



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